Crosby Farm Park 25. 04-23-2016 3:53 PM (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Hilary Bullock


Limited Edition photographic print from the October 2017 "Crosby Farm Park" series, ongoing since 2015.

Pictured is Crosby Lake

Crosby Farm Regional Park is a 736-acre park situated along the Mississippi River. The park is named after Thomas Crosby, an English immigrant who staked out 160 acres in the valley southwest of the present-day junction of Shepard Road and Interstate 35E in 1858. Before Crosby's death in 1886, the farm became one of the largest and longest running in the West End and Highland Park area. Cattle, horses, pigs, dairy cows and chicken were raised on the farm, along with crops that included potatoes and apples. A succession of families farmed it between 1902 and 1962. The Saint Paul Port Authority purchased the land in the early 1960s and leased it to the City for park use.

At 736 acres, Crosby Farms Regional Park is the largest natural park in the Saint Paul system of parks and it is an important component in a string of parks that protect the biodiversity of the Mississippi River corridor through the Twin Cities. The park is mostly floodplain forest and adjacent steep, wooded slopes cloaked in oak forest, a scattering of wetlands and small lakes (Crosby Lake and Upper Lake), and the Mississippi River shoreline. When the Mississippi River floods fish and other aquatic animals gain access to these small lakes, which act as nurseries for their offspring.

There are 6.7 miles of paved trails, many of which run along the river’s shoreline through wooded bottomlands. Crosby Farm Regional Park is connected to Fort Snelling State Park and other parks in the vicinity by an extensive trail system.,

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