Artist’s Statement

In the past, my primary focus was on photographing people. Now I am drawn to the genre of landscape photography and make photographs on a daily basis of locations I visit repeatedly: my neighborhood and local parks in Saint Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding area.
I belong to the community of artists who believe that repetition and cumulative experiences with a specific place can enhance and expand one’s perception, awareness, sense of community and belonging. That a place, over time, can and will reveal its’ magic if one pays attention.
My photographs are informed by and built upon an accumulation of visits. They describe a developing awareness, and awakening. They portray what has changed and what remains unchanged: decay and regeneration, changing vistas, things revealed and things concealed, traces we leave in the landscape, both purposefully and without our knowledge.
Currently, my camera of choice is an iPhone 6s+. I shoot using the Hipstamatic app with the filters set to change randomly. This gives me less control, and opens me to new ways of seeing. The only rule I follow is to obey my instinct. When I’m caught, when I feel a pull, when I sense there is something in front of me, I stop to make a photograph, generally one or two frames at most of a particular view.
This study of place over time opens me to feelings I might not otherwise experience, to observing differences in the way people live, express themselves, and impact the physical world, with less judgment and more curiosity. There is a certain poignancy to the images I create. There is also an undying hope and belief in our potential, rooted in the tenacity of the natural world.