It's messy...

It's messy...

July 15, 2018

I love order!

Arranging, cataloging, collecting, grouping, organizing, and sequencing.

And I enjoy repetition: in movement and mark-making, in counting and tracking, in documenting and filing.

Cooking speaks to me for this reason. Gathering the ingredients, measuring, slicing and stirring. Truly one of the most relaxing activities I experience on a regular basis.  

Thus, my grid paintings, as mentioned in my last post, are a patterned and rhythmic activity that facilitate free-flowing thought and a sense of inner peace. I take great comfort in the slow and orderly progression, from laying the initial grid through to completion.


And then there's this...

There's an important part of me coming through in this one.

Sometimes the ordered, zen-like color-fields feel like a distraction. Feel like a way to avoid diving in and getting messy.

She beckons me towards the precipice.



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When painting calls...
When painting calls...

July 09, 2018

Currently, I am working on an 18" x 22" watercolor based on this smaller version I painted about a month ago. With a narrow selection of colors and repeating lines, it's a meditative activity that I can dive into with relative ease. Once finished, however, I think it might be time to let loose!

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